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Best River Snacks

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Plain and simple...

I'm a big breakfast and dinner guy. Lunch is light supplemented with lots of snacks throughout the day!!!

With that in mind, I'm curious what you all eat while on the river!

What are some of your favorite snacks to bring down a river?
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Sardines, oysters and other stinky river fish
Salami & Swiss Rollups.
Avoids the carb HiLo game, even tho I enjoy the carb HiLo game.

Dan Menzies' home made jerky-
best I ever had

PBJ Burrito-
I don't like the jam on my oar handles, other than that- Sublime
Large bucket o potato salad. I'm good. Pass on breakfast. Big dinner. Many beers.
Keg o beer and crackers
One of my favorite quick river snacks is a buncha cut up fruit of diff types, kept in the cooler.

I think it helps regulate my blood sugar and replenishes lost electrolytes from the beer. I eat a few pieces and feel like new again...not ot mention it's cold.

That and I have found that a bag of 7 layer dip combos seems to keep making it on the boat recently.
Weed cookies ;)

PBR is good, but I go with the Keystone Light. Perfect raft beer IMO: Watery, so when you get hit with a wave you can't tell the difference if it gets water logged, goes down smooth all day, keeps you (relatively) hydrated, and you can drink enough of them that you get a real solid buzz but doesn't pack the punch to mess you up when the float is over. When I'm taking a break from that, you go with a nice refreshing Twisted Tea to mix things up.

A good cheese dip and some crackers is pretty solid, with some summer sausage to go with that.
Elk jerky!!!

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A couple of thick slices of summer sausage, 4 sea salt triscuits, 2 thick slices of good cheddar cheese and a gala apple. Pre sliced and packaged at breakfast, stored in cooler till someone is hungry.
During the middle of the day I dig a can of mixed nuts - maybe a dash of habenero hot sauce...a green apple if i'm feeling guilty, and course a bunch of cheap ass beer.
Boaters will eat old underwear with salsa. The best snack is one someone else carries and then hands me. I would eat a tin can if someone put salt on it.
Clif bars and Clif Shot Blocks. The blocks are pretty waterproof and don't melt easily if you don't eat the whole pack.

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cheetos (the crunchy kind) and hummus. My kids came up with hit…surprise. But I have to say it's pretty tasty and hits the spot. That was lunch several times last fall on the MF. We actually had a little salami with it too most of the time. Whatever the kids will eat, we bring.
Wraps! Tortilla doesnt get smashed like bread, spread favorite cream chz and sandwhich meat, lettuce done!
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