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Best fly line warranty?

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I put this Rio line on at the beginning of the season, and haven’t fished that much with it. It’s badly cracked and has lost buoyancy. Rio hasn’t responded, and their website says they are 10 to 12 weeks out on warranties and repairs. This is the second spool of their line where this has happened. I’m done with them, but want to replace it with a brand that at least stands behind their product. Any suggestions or experiences?
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It does sound like a zipper, and I have had some line rash from a fish running hard. I've been told they smoothed it out after the first generation to reduce both noise and friction on the hands.
My buddy has this tech on his streamer line. He puts tape on his trigger finger to prevent the rub while stripping. We always go oooH ole Jim's taping up for the meat stick. It further adds to the aura of streamer fishing.
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