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Best fly line warranty?

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I put this Rio line on at the beginning of the season, and haven’t fished that much with it. It’s badly cracked and has lost buoyancy. Rio hasn’t responded, and their website says they are 10 to 12 weeks out on warranties and repairs. This is the second spool of their line where this has happened. I’m done with them, but want to replace it with a brand that at least stands behind their product. Any suggestions or experiences?
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Not trying to play devil’s advocate, but I’ve destroyed several lines, from various manufacturers, being kinda sloppy with sunscreen and/or bug spray. I fish a lot, hate skeeters, and sunburn like a mofo, so its kinda collateral damage in my world.
It definitely hadn’t been exposed to bug juice or other harsh chemicals. I’m allergic to both bug dope and sunscreen, and avoid them like the plague. For the first half of the summer I didn’t even use it, as I was mostly using my streamer rod. It casted super nice up until the point it cracked. If this is how it holds up to such light use I’m definitely switching.
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