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Beginners or Just Relax South Platt

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We are going to float the South Platt Sunday morning from 470 to confluence if anyone wants to join. Will probably leave the 470 area around 10am.
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What's that like? Sounds like an easy, family (ie kids) friendly run? How long is it - mileage and time. Not sure I can make Sunday, but always looking for family options close to home.
Most of the year i would not consider it runable... You are able to pick sections all of the way to town class 1-2 and if you want the entire ride I would guess it is 15ish miles. There is also small dams the entire trip ( i would guess 30 or so) that will challenge new boaters or they can look and walk around them if that is the choice. Another good choice is Deckers. Class 1 and 2 with 1 advanced area that you may also walk around.

I have been wanting to get my kids on the river. Never considered 470 to confluence. What about the S. Platte between Brighton and Ft. Lupton? Is that runable at 2000 cfs? Thanks.
Yes that is runnable class 1 and 2
My kids are not exactly new to the river (1,000 river miles in their log books LOL), but they are also not ready for above normal high water trips on Clear Creek either. I don't want to do a lot of portaging of dams either (too much work for Dad LOL).

Thanks for the beta, may have to check some of it out next week.
Another good choice is Deckers. Class 1 and 2 with 1 advanced area that you may also walk around.
Deckers is a great place to take beginners. Not the most raft friendly, but lots of fun for people just learning how to kayak, especially if Foxton is running at all. Waterton also if you are feeling hot to trot at the end of the day. Good levels of progression in one area. And beautiful too.
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