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Beaver attack pulls man off kayak

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(June 17, 2014)
A man is surprised and attacked by a beaver while he was kayaking. Affiliate WHAM reports on the strange attack.
An upstate New York man is recovering from an unprovoked beaver attack after the animal grabbed him from his kayak and pulled him into a Monroe County creek. Michael Cavanaugh of Lima, New York, is recovering from deep punctures on his arm and bite wounds ...
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Many remember this from last year:

Man dies after beaver attack
The man’s friends were unable to stop the blood from spouting, and he was pronounced dead when he arrived at Sulim’s clinic in the village of Ostromechevo. He is the only person known to have died from a beaver attack in Belarus.
Man dies after beaver attack
Wasn't there an otter attack in Ruby/Horsethief a couple of years ago?
Wasn't there an otter attack in Ruby/Horsethief a couple of years ago?
That was on August 21, 2011.
Glenwood Springs nurse Nancy Schurr, age 56 was attacked.
SEATTLE, WASH. — A mountain goat that fatally gored a hiker, then stood over the man and stared at people trying to help, had shown aggressive behavior in the past, Olympic National Park officials said Monday.
This was in 2010.

"It has shown aggressive behavior, however, nothing led us to believe us it was appropriate to take the next level of removal," she said. "This is a highly unusual. There's no record of anything similar in this park. It's a tragedy. We are taking it extremely seriously and doing our best to learn as much as we can."
My first job as new doctor was in a small town in SE Idaho and I saw several beaver bites. Never real serious but required sutures.
I have actually had a beaver get all aggressive with me while boating on Cherry Creek, of all places,,a sorry excuse for a river for kayakers or beavers (right in the middle of Denver).He was trying to stake his claim to an area and did not like me surfing a little wave there.He was a very large beaver and tried to make himself look bigger ,then he would surface and slap his tail down really hard several times.He made contact with my paddle .I don't ' know if he was trying to bite or what.It's not like I was some pipsqueak in a play boat either, but a big guy in an11 foot T-Canyon!He wanted me gone.I don't doubt they could do you some damage with those choppers.
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