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barrel springs 7_31

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I am looking for some people to run barrel (not upper death, I'll run safety for you if you are that crazy) tonight or tomorrow evening. I have never done it and would like a line guide. Barrel has dropped to what I consider a reasonable level for my ability (1500). Shoot me a text or call if you are interested. Joe 970 566 0491.
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running barrel friday 8/8

flow is low in barrel.
How was it? Find someone to follow or did you just run It?

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I made a solo lap through there today in my rock star. Fun but on the real low side for sure, much lower and creekier than when I ran it last year at 1000cfs .
Want to hit it again tomorrow afternoon/evening (or later this week) before the flow gets even lower. I was hoping to get a run in with someone above 1K but 400 will do. Maybe the power station will shut down and we can have a nice 1600!
I'm probly down, I might have a 4pm trip (raft guide) but we'll see. I'm hoping either the plant shuts down or they release, I hear all the dams up river are full.
i can make it out for a lunch lap or sometime later this week. Just let me know when you want to hit one up. ~Joe 970 566 0491
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