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Bailey wood

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1. Slot below four falls has a small log on the left against the boulder. No big deal to boat scout and stay right.

2. Thirty foot long log in boogie maybe a half mile above Deer Creek. Mostly submerged. This is pretty dangerous for the unprepared boater. Diagonal to current. There is another large log on river left to landmark it.

Some other stuff will move around as water level fluctuates.

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We removed all the wood from our lines today in Bailey Canyon, except one 30ish foot tree trunk in the class 3 a little way above deer creek...It is still full of wood along shore; Wood is all over the place in there on standby ready to move around...My battery ran out of juice after the first bit of clean up at Foley Falls...Here is a simple demonstration of how to remove some wood...If everybody took the time to remove a few sticks or logs every trip, the place could be less dangerous...
We removed the 30-foot log 1/2 mile above Deer Creek today.
Generally, everything else looked pretty clean. After catching the Mystery Eddy and running left, we looked upstream from our boats and did not see the wood we had heard about in the right channel there - but it could have been hidden from us.
Thanks all for the wood removal. Much appreciated.
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