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Axiom vs remix

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Just out of interest, apart from the hull differences are there any pros and cons relative to each other for these 2 "all round boats" ?
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well, sure. Depending on how you see things, there can be pros and cons in the different outfitting. One has 4 attachment points the other has 3. Price could be considered a pro or a con? Hell if you want to split hairs we could even get down to color... end the end we each make our own call right????
you can stern squirt the axiom easily. awesome old-school type design with modern outfitting. it will surf better than the remix, and you can spin it on a wave, but it will not be as forgiving in big water. axiom awesome big sur boat.
Save your money and buy an RPM, you will have more fun than you can handle. If you want to be super cool find a Pyranha Blade

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Axiom vs Remix

Actually I did...the MAX which is reallya blast,
Then this is a mute point...

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MOOT point

As I said in my OP I was just curious.
The pro is the remix is the best boat in the world.
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