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We, the PPWC, work the booth to sell tickets for the AW benefits at Paddlefest. I was planning on wearing my mtnbuzz hoodie to bring attention to our site as well but I was wondering if any of you guys/gals were interested in working with us?


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More details to help AW

It is time to rally up the troops from PPWC to help with the American Whitewater Weekend at Paddle Fest. Nathan Fey from American Whitewater plans on having a booth at Paddle Fest. He will let us know how many additional people and what time slots.

As for AW Fundraising Events, Paddle Fest needs the following help from volunteers.

Friday May 18th.
Ticket Sales for movie 6-9pm -2 people
Ticket Sales for beer 6-9pm -4 people, (each doing a 1.5 hr shifts).
Clean up from movie 10-11pm. 2 people

Saturday May 19th.
Ticket Sales for Salsa Dance 6-9pm -2 people
Ticket Sales for beer 6-9pm -4 people each doing a 1.5 hr shifts.
Clean up from Dance 11.30-12.30am. 4 people

Paddle Fest will provide your volunteers access to the event the evening that they volunteer. So if they help Friday, they get into the movie for free, and for Saturday, the dance for free, etc……
Also there will be some comp beer too of course.

Please contact Lynn Allen directly at [email protected] or [email protected] can forward any commitments back to her.

Let's have a great turnout by having as many PPWC members helping out as we can. You can even wear your PPWC or AW t-shirt to represent! Thanks for volunteering. It's going to be a great weekend!!!
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