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by the end of august you guys will be in dire need of an oasis to quench your shriveled souls. here's your opportunity. the ashlu river festival is planned for 8/24 - 8/27. this is an important event because proceeds go directly to efforts opposing hydro development issues in the valley. plus, the ashlu is one of the most amazing rivers ever .. & plenty of other stuff like tatlow, the ryan, the elaho, etc will be running then.

for info, CLICK HERE

from the organizers:

August 24 - 27, 2006

The organizing is underway, and we have posted updates
on the festival web site. We are adding more prizes and event
information daily.

This year there will be improved shuttles, a pancake breakfast (Sunday),
plus more draw prizes !

Along with those additions, we will have all the other events: guided trips,
clinics, lessons, canyon walk, herb walk, float trips, boat demos,
sit-on-top trip, Sat night BBQ, DJ, gear swap, etc.

There are festival passes for paddlers and non-paddlers, and events
for everyone - on the river and off.

The on-line registration system, which worked so well last
year, will go live on Tuesday July 25.

You can sign up on-line until Friday August 25, but a reminder to
everyone that all the clinics, lessons, etc. sold out quickly last year,
so register early if you want in on those.

As well, we are offering a $10 early bird registration discount,
so you can save $10 by signing up on-line.

Consider coming out to the whitewater event of the season, and
support the efforts for river conservation.

For more information contact: [email protected]
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