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Hi folks,

Join us in Lyons the weekned of the 28th & 29th for the Lyons Open Studio Tour. About 40 artists will be showing work along the North St. Vrain at various artist's studios who live on the river. We're trying something new this year where we've designated several kayak pullouts between Apple Valley Bridge and the Black Bear Hole where artsits will be displaying work. In addition some of the artists will display work along the river that can only be seen by the paddlers. The studios which double as private residences will have 4 to 6 artists on display at each pullout. This is kind of a novel idea of trying to combine river sports with an art show. We'll see how it works out.

Brochures and maps are available in Boulder at Alpine sports, Outdoor Divas on Pearl and REI. In Golden they're available at Alpenglow. HUGE, HUGE thanks to all the stores for allowing me to post information in their stores.

The artists kindly ask you to drip dry or shake off before coming into their houses and it's really an art show and not a big river party. Additional info can be found at Lyons Studio Tour.

The particulars... Put in at Apple Valley Bridge which is about 3 miles just west of Lyons on Rt. 36. For those who aren't familiar with Lyons, Apple Valley Bridge is a beautiful wodden arch bridge on the left hand side of the road. It's about 3 miles down river to the kayak park in Lyons and pull out at either the Black Bear Hole or October hole. At about 120 CFS the NSV is runable, but boney bordering on boat abuse. At about 175 it's still boney in spots and above 200 CFS it's a lot of fun. It was over 260 today. The run is class 2 and there is a spot about a 1/4 mile downriver from the put in where inexperienced boaters should portage on the left and experienced boaters should run on the right. With hot weather coming and still a lot of snowpack, I'm hoping the NSV is above 200. For lower flows a duckie may be ideal or even (heaven forbid) just do it on a tube.

I'll try to answer any questions in subsequent posts and it should be a unique event.

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