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Here is a great article on an Army Corps of Engineers biologist who took part in a kayak trip to show that the LA River is navigable.

Floating to save the L.A. River - Los Angeles Times

I don't want to name names here but this essential gutting of the Clean Water Act was a pre-meditated attack by the current administration. Just one of the many reasons that I want the Republicans out of power. For all of you out there crying wolf on the environmental, and specifically the river destruction that this administration has unleashed, this is some pretty substantial evidence to the contrary. This may also help explain why there are certain members of this community that I would like to kick in the nuts.

The Gila River is in the process of being stripped of its Clean Water Act protections, specifically so that a development can dispose of its waste directly into its pristine waters. This effects us because the "navigable in fact" definition is what has been changed to a much stricter definition so that the Clean Water Act will not apply to thousands of rivers that are currently protected.

Their are many ways we can combat this and first and foremost is establishing "navigable in fact" designation. If there are any paddlers who have evidence of the navigability of the Gila in AZ please contact AW immediately so that we can fight this travesty. Second, getting these douche nozzles out of the White House is essential or they will continue to deconstruct and nullify the few environmental laws we have in place.
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