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Arkansas Play parks at this level?

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Hey wondering whether the BV or Salida playpark is better for a beginner play boater (front surfs, some spins) at this level (560 according to AW)

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Probably BV. Staircase Wave.

The main feature at Salida becomes a bit of a pour over at low water, but a fun day can still be had at either park.
Riverbrain said that the BV park was at 238... I wanted to go down this weekend from the vail area, is it worth it? Is it loopable?
Yeah. Nathrop gauge is stuck. BV park is around 225-250 and Salida is 480. Staircase might be getting a bit shallow for a loop, but maybe in the upper hole. Salida is probably better for loops.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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