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Ark Wednesday

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Anyone down for a run of browns or numbers wednesday? I'm free anytime
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I'm planning to run Browns Wednesday with what's looking like a fair size crew of locals. Plans haven't really been set yet, but you are more than welcome to join.

Shoot me a text @ 719 229 9333

I will be coming over from the Roaring Fork Valley to paddle tomorrow. Trying to get a couple people to go. Would like to paddle numbers or Browns. What time is everyone meeting and where?
yes, I am running one or the other if I can find another boater

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I am paddling Thur/Fri anybody down for that?

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Just wanted to let everyone know that it is currently 24 deg here in BV, it was 14 up around the numbers when I went past Clear Creek at day break.. The river is higher but is a ice flow with chunks of slurpee mixed in for good measure.

Tomorrow should be warmer and just wanted to let everyone know that today looks to be real cold out there.

Have fun and be safe if you get on the water.
sweet, thanks for the update. might be a chilly paddle in the canyon Thur

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how hard is it to hitch for Browns?

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We'll be in the Gorge Wednesday. Suppose to be much warmer. Pink House at 10.
After today's wind tomorrow will feel toasty if it calms down. I didn't see any ice in the water at Stone Bridge mid day today. Thinking 1030-11 at Hecla.

Hitching out of Hecla will be damn near impossible if you don't see another boater. However, if you go down to the highway 291 bridge just below Stone Bridge you would have an easier time.
cool. hopefully I can hitch at the bottom. I have never paddled this section, only numbers. anything I should be looking for?

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is there any kind of sign for the takeout or should I just look for the bridge?

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If you are going to Stone bridge, yes you will see a concrete bridge. The takeout is about 100 yards past it on the right. If you are taking out at Hecla, you will see the concrete ramp, you can't miss it.
perfect . thanks so much for the info. it helps out a lot

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I will likely run #1-5.5 , 11-12 at the take out to hitch shuttle
Everyone good upriver? It was cold in the Gorge! Fun as fuck though! Runnin these levels the day before Thanksgiving? Come on!
sweet. I'm running Numbers Friday instead of Thur. hopefully it's a solid run

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I have to say that today was pretty damn nice. Not too cold and the water and company were awesome. Considering this might have been a once in a lifetime opportunity, I'm glad I paddled today.
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