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Arctic Ice - anybody tried this?

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I just came across a review for a product called 'Arctic Ice', which bills itself as a reusable alternative to dry ice. I am mostly interested in their Tundra offering, but any experience with any of it would be interesting.
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Just add water.. chill
I wonder if it would chill a cocktail?
I think its probably snake oil because I'm always skeptical about this sort of stuff. If its just water with a bit of salt, this may in theory lower the freezing temp but not increase the capacity to cool other than the container will stay at the phase change (melting point) longer. So the items you place in contact get colder but not necessarily will stay cold much longer. Any chem majors out there know if there are compounds that have melting points near normal ice freezing temperature that provide significantly more bang for the buck compared to simple ice as far as ability to absorb heat.?
Well, since they claim it's organic, it might be snake oil, but the question is whether it works, and, to the point, is a reusable replacement for dry ice. If it does the phase change as advertised, I like to supercool my yeti before I ice and fill. A 10lb block of dry ice lasts maybe a day during the chill phase, plus I have to go to the store for it. It does, however, make better root beer. Also, which could be cool (hehe) is if you could make an ice/water slurry in the cooler, and then hard freeze that. Almost the expensive layered ice freeze they do for the GC coolers.
I never had good luck with the blue semi ice deals. Better luck with milk bottles frozen in my chest type freezer.

Best ever ice on a Trip I was on was a long maybe it was 7 days Deso Gray trip (we actually had two lay over days - 12 K or more CFS made for short rowing days - yee haw) where we purchased ice from the outfitter I think in Vernal who did our shuttle.

We stayed in a motel across the street from his warehouse. On put in day we iced down all our coolers with blocks of glass clear ice from the outfitter's freezer. This ice was sized to fit in the bottom of the ice chest I had. I had a Icey Tek big cooler and I swear at the take out I had ice out the yeng yang even tho my cooler had both food and was opened a bunch for beer etc a lot as it was a warm trip.

If possible, find a outfitter who will sell you their ice and stay away from the pressed blocks you now find at places like Safeway called block ice (what a laugh).
Excellent timing. I just got a cancellation permit for Deso and need shuttle references. Ice would also be good. Sept. Deso I will be glad to see 5.
Invest in a method to keep the outside surface of your cooler cooler. The evaporation of a wetted towel is free and probably more effective than anything you can place inside the cooler. We also try and avoid using the deep freeze cooler for anything that cant be safely frozen first
Quick check of online reviews points to Snake Oil. Looks to be no better than Blue Ice packs.
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