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Aquaglide Klikitat HB inflatable kayak

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Has anyone paddled this? Looks pretty similar to the Tributary Strike model, which according to The Boatpeople is a very good boat for under 240lbs.
This boat has a limit of 300lbs and the demo vids are pretty impressive for going over small falls at least. Any real life feedbacK? Good pricepoint also....<600.
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never seen one....

which may, or may not be a bad thing... looks kinda like a wet ride in the photo. I have a buddy who paddles the tomcat trib down low flow manky stuff.. and tribs have a great warranty. I couldn't find anything about this boats warranty?! did you notice one?

id recommend a tomcat if you are on a budget, or an OUtlaw from NRS. or ill make you a deal for the two man padilac im selling in the swap :cool: lol. (shameless plug) .

I love IKING hope you get a boat and have fun !!! cheers (and sorry for no first hand experience. im bored, and like talking about IK's. )


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just watched that waterfall video. and although its hard to ignore the marketing gimic feel to it.... the boat really did look pretty darn good! would love to see one on the water! and curious about the durability and warranty. cool to see more affordable IK's because right now the market is way high! good luck!
1 year warranty according to owner's manual pdf

Did not notice any warranty info. I think its pretty recent for any durability info to come out. And yes, the way it shoots out from the base of that drop is quite impressive.
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