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This just in from Marty. For more information, contact Marty directly at: [email protected], or post a reply to this thread:

"Looks like the Play Pen will work out (the shallow end). We have 4 weeks - Thurs Apr 1 to 22 from 8:30-10:15. $5/person/night paid at the score table BEFORE THEY GET ON THE WATER. Folks must also sign a waiver BEFORE THEY GET ON THE WATER. Space is limited to about 15 people. The small pools (in addition to the shallow end) are better for roll teaching. All boats must be well rinsed before they are brought into the pool. There is a hose at the west end entrance for people to use."


In addition to the above, there will be a third round of polo this year. Following are preliminary details. For more info, visit:

Start: April 1 (no joke)
End: April 22
Nights: 4 consecutive Thursdays
Time: 8:45-10:15pm
Games: 2 per night per team
Cost: $180 per team - pay at The Mountain Shop before April 1

Notes: We play in the big court only and polo boats only (we are trying
to get new foot pegs for the club boats). Draw format will be a double
round robin over 3 weeks followed by a finals night. The team entries
are listed below. If you are listed below and do not want to play, or if
you are not listed below and want to play, email me. We can still expand
to 5 or 6 teams if there's the demand.

The small court, spa and shallow pool will be available for roll, play
and polo practice - the Play Pen is back! It will be available to all
comers. Cost for non-polo players - $5/night paid at the score table
before you get on the water. All polo players and Play Pen'ers must sign
a waiver before they get on the water. Tell your buddies about the Play
Pen - we need revenue from the non-polo players to cover costs.

Cheers, Marty

Mountain Kayak Polo thanks the Mountain Shop of Fort Collins
for its continued support of our Kayak Polo league.

Marty Bell (Manager)
Anthony Clark
Chris DeFoor
Eric Panebaker
Gary Ceely
Gary Skiba
Jason Roberts

Jesse Rumsey (Manager)
Adrian Glasenapp
Billy Bromley
Bryan Maddox
Carter Eash
David Schelly
Justin Spruell
Ty Eyeden

Nancy Boys
Lachlan Ingram (Manager)
Erica McKenzie
Heather Bean
Jamie Haggard
Jeff Copeland
Scott Woods
Todd Mitchell

Water Snakes
Colt Andrews (Manager)
JJ Hannah
Jeremy Ceely
Jordan Nielsen
Mike Sherman
Tim Byas
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