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Hey guys, I’m posting this quasi-ad because members of the Mountainbuzz community have supported Anything Worth Doing, the wilderness river story David James Duncan called “…a white-knuckled adventure classic.” Anything Worth Doing: A True Story of Adventure, Friendship and Tragedy on the Last of the West's Great Rivers: Jo Deurbrouck: 9780985257804: Books

So. gave us ten digital audio copies of the book. SO. We’re having a drawing!

To enter: “Like” AWD on Facebook here: or visit my website and clicky the enter button: Jo Deurbrouck: Author / Writer.

If you liked the book on Facebook sometime in the past or if you bought your copy directly from my website, we already entered you. Because you rock. Because someone on your Christmas list needs this book and will think you’re cool for gifting it in audio form. Because we are hugely grateful to the book’s friends and psyched to have a tangible way to say so.

Drawing is December 15. Winners will be notified via Facebook or email, depending on how you entered, and must reply by midnight on December 19th or an alternate name will be drawn.

Please tell your friends who’d get a kick out of listening to an inspiring, perplexing, beautiful, gutwrenching true story about rivers and people who love them beyond all reason.

Fine print: recipients will need to sign into or register with Audible to download their copy. Registration is free.

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