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Anybody want to take a beginner kayaking Sunday

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I slowly acquired all the gear last summer but didn't have anyone to go with so I never actually went (except practicing rolls in lakes- unsuccessfully). I am hoping to find a buddy to kayak with. I would love pointers and any advise as well. I will supply beer and food too. I live in boulder. I am confident in my kayak but when I do roll I will probably end up swimming (I have float bags).
If you can't go Sunday I get off work (downtown boulder at 6:15) and if it's possible we may be able to kayak a short run in the creek through town (I don't know how beginner friendly it is but it doesn't look bad from what I've seen).
My number is 9 36 520 2 six eight four.

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Also My wife is willing to shuttle us in the truck if need be.

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Hi Will,

I was thinking of getting on Boulder creek tomorrow and would be happy to boat with ya! You should know that Boulder creek is running really high right now, but if your comfortable, then perfecto! text or call if you like!


Not to be the party pooper but now is not really a good time to be swimming on any Colorado rivers. Might be worthwhile to wait a bit till it backs off some.
Deckers might not be too bad

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Not to be a downer, but that slowly acquired gear could disappear real fast if you go out and paddle right now without a combat roll. Wherever you go, the water's going to be very swift and even on the flatwater, moving very fast for someone that doesn't have skills developed yet for paddling or swimming. I've taken a novice out on flatwater at high water and the ripping fast water was still pretty scary for them.

Folks may disagree with me, but frankly, the mountain biking will be good for the next few weeks until the flows drop; right now things are going off bigger than most years. Then you'll have until October to practice on great beginner runs.

Welcome to the Buzz, get in contact with Colorado Whitewater and get into their novice program.

Be safe and have fun,

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Thanks guys.

Per your advice I will continue having land fun and practicing my roll on a lake/pool for a couple weeks.

Have fun!
That's a good choice man...people aren't being jerks the water really does command your full respect and solid skills right now.
Colorado Whitewater will be having our annual Poudre River Weekend with Filter Plant trips for less experienced paddlers on June 28/29- assuming that the rivers are down by then, which is likely.

You are welcome to join the club and join in the fun, Will! :)
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