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So I'm in California for the Summer and hoping to bring a playboat home with me back to Ireland. I will more than likely be bringing a regular plastic boat home but just inquiring to see if anyone knows of any carbon boats for sale in California, particularly the Sacramento area. Ideally, I'd love to get my hands on a carbon 2010 All-Star but I assume they are hard to come by in good condition these days. Hoping to pay no more than 700 dollars for the boat as I still have to pay to fly it home too.

Also interested in what people think of the idea of buying a carbon boat and flying it home with me. Am I mad trying to bring carbon on British Airways? Would I get to the other side and unwrap it to find a pile of crushed carbon?

Sorry if this is in the wrong sub-forum also. I was hoping for this to be more of a discussion and less of a wanted ad. Thanks!
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