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I'm working up in Lander the next couple of days and I brought my boat. The Popo Agie looks awesome and I'd love to get in, just outside of town. Out by the big water tank is what I'm thinking. (Not looking for anything over class III, like up in the Sinks.)

Anyway, is there anyone from Lander willing to show me the "town run"? Does anyone know what the river does, about 3 miles out of town, where the river seems to channel? I don't want to accidently wind up in one of the channels, they look full of wood. Are there any low-head dams or other obstacles to be aware of between the tank and the Park?

It looks like a wild ride, with few eddys, so it would probably be good to know these things from the get go. I may go see if anyone at the bike shop boats too. They always have good mountain biking advice.

Thanks! My cell is 307-399-5333. I'll be working until 5:00.

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