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Hi there!
I'm in the process of starting up an internet-only "blog-style" newspaper called "". PLEASE don't look for it on-line just yet (it's still in the works). Based out of of Gunnison, CO, my goal is for it to come out twice monthly with a different issue everytime. I wasn't going to post anything on this until I sent it off on its inagural run and saw what it would look like on the web.
Anyway, it will have an eclectic mix of everything from political blogs from all ends of the spectrum, creative literary works, news that does NOT get reported on, regular columns, Gunny night life (which does not get covered (By the way, I need a Gunny-based bar hopper to cover music for me if anyone is interested), an artist/photo gallery, misc. links to interesting websites, personal web pages, and of course RIVER STORIES!!! :D
I'm looking for an artist and/or tips as to where I can go to the design of - what is called - a Mast Head - that says "". Can only pay ya in beers or something but. . . . any advise on this would be greatly appreciated.
"You Never Run the Same River Twice" - some old Greek Philosopher

Thanks folks!!! ~ Kimberly
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