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Another death on the Ark...

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I wasn't there but friends were. It happened in the Miracle Mile. I hesitate to post anything because of what has felt to me like very inappropriate speculation and judgments in response to the all too many deaths we've had this season. Perhaps more info later. Condolences to the family and those affected by this.

Canon City Daily Record : Crew tries to recover body of kayaker on Arkansas River
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ya the papers Kinda F'ed this one up. yes someone died while boating (not a kayaker) the fractions yesterday. However the death was not caused by the river. The poor man had a medical issue that resulted in his death. He just happened to be on the river when it happened.
I hate reading these. Sending some love to family and friends.
Hmmm. That account doesn't mesh with what I was told by one of the individuals present...

My condolences to everyone involved, and especially Mr. Forshey's family.
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