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Take Action To Protect Lochsa Area Wild Rivers (ID)

posted October 2, 2018
by Kevin Colburn

Paddlers now have an important opportunity to oppose Forest Service plans to strip proposed protections from 89 rivers in central Idaho. The Forest Service really needs to hear from paddlers from across the country and it takes just a few minutes to send them a letter.
These whitewater streams in the Lochsa, Selway, and Clearwater watersheds were proposed for protection through a Forest Planning process. But local officials and organizations have applied political pressure and demanded that the Forest Service act (illegally) to strip the planned protections from these rivers through a process they call "suitability."
The Forest Service is hearing from a few local groups loudly and clearly — and they need to hear from people who want to see these rivers retain their protections. If you have ever paddled or hope to explore this stunning part of Idaho, please speak up with a simple letter to the Forest Service — you can use our super simple template to get started. If you prefer the old fashioned way, you can send an email directly to: [email protected]. Below are a few of the rivers that would likely lose protection under the "suitability" scheme:

  • Lochsa Watershed: Upper Lochsa, White Sands (Colt Killed), Big Sands, Fish Creek, Crooked Fork, Brushy Fork
  • Selway Watershed: Meadow Creek, Bear Creek, Rhoda Creek, Moose Creek, Forks of Moose Creek, Running Creek, Three Links Creek.
  • North Fork Clearwater Watershed: North Fork Clearwater, Little North Fork Clearwater, Kelly Creek, Lolo Creek, Potlatch River.
  • South Fork Clearwater Watershed: South Fork Clearwater, Johns Creek, American River.
  • Salmon River Watershed: Salmon River, Bargamin Creek, Sabe Creek.
So basically whitewater paradise.
You can learn more by reading their Draft Suitability Report, or cruise the rivers on Tab 5 of this agency story map.
Thanks so much for taking action. This is a big deal for almost 1,000 miles of outstanding whitewater rivers and streams.
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