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Did Alto-Alto last night around 300-350 and didn't find any wood. No promises though if the water comes up. Just thought you all would like to know. Read on if you're interested in this run AND you've never done it before.

IMO, this run gets alot more fun with more water, The level we did it at last night was as low as I would go. Also, we saw a gauge on the downstream side of the peak-to-peak highway bridge in Rollinsville. It goes in 12 inch increments from 2 ft to 5. The level last night was just a spot under 2 so I guess that equates to about 325CFS. By comparison, last year we ran it at about 500+ and the opportunities for catch-on-the-fly surf (for the brave) were much better, but the eddies were harder to catch.

Lastly, for groups doing this their first time and not used to creeking, I would scout in three spots. 1.) The first horizon line of the run (you're still above Rollinsville and you might be able to see a footbridge overhead, just past the horizon line), 2.) at the first really narrow section maybe a quarter mile after entering the canyon, 3.) and immediately after you see a big gravel bar on the left (it's a left hand turn) and far ahead you can spot a train tunnel. This last one is the crux of the run and it goes for about 3-400 yards. If you've ran all that stuff, the rest is read and run.

Finally, there's a few takouts you can do above Pinecliff. If you see bridges go on alert as each of them offers a selection of man-made hazards. The first one you come to is a train bridge and immediately after it, it looks like there used to be a bridge that they just dropped in the river. This make a river wide hole that was easily punched at 300, but any higher and I recall from last season that it gets progressively more retentive. I usually take out just above this first train bridge.

Have fun and be safe! :D
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