Selling my Alpackalypse, I don't use it enough.
Size is S/M. I am 5'9" / 195 lbs and can fit snugly.
Has a brand new zipper.
Comes with spare coming for the skirt.
2 skirts - one old and beat up, but still functional and a new one, used a couple of times that has a tiny tear that was repaired
Has original internal storage bags with attachement clips
Has original inflation bag
The inflatable seat has aquaseal under the bumm for less sliding when rolling. It also has an old attachement point that is not used anymore (the red thing with aquaseal around)
Has original inflatable foot rest
Has the original inflatable hip band - this is very very snug and gives great power transfer to the boat, but a tiny bit complicated to self-rescue with it. Which is why I installed their simpe backband (this also helps bring the weight down when backpacking). Boat comes with both.
The deck has a small tear that is repaired with tape on both sides.
The floor is reinforced under the bumm and heels.

Weighs about 10lb, and would also make a great boat for a smaller paddler due to smaller diameter side tubes (reaching over for paddling is easier for ppl with shorter hands).

I can ship if needed.