I have more frames than rafts and this one has not gone out for a few seasons, so, time to go. This is a rowframes.com frame (was run on a culebra) that will fit on smaller rafts, shredders and the like. There are 4 crossbars the pipe is cut to 48 inches, with fittings it is about 54 inches wide.
, 2 long bars, 2 sets of oar locks, one larger, one set smaller, and 2 seating options, including a crazy light carbon fiber seat built off of the NRS tractor seat bolt pattern. Each set of oar stands includes oar locks, and yep, Thats it. I know it is on the east coast, and it could be shipped at your cost, (which will be ridiculous) The sharp eyed amongst us will realize with one more set of long bars, you will be able to have two complete frames. I have a bunch of extra set screws and other things too. 700. I also have a 20 mm rocket box sling (25) plus 15 to ship, and a large AIRE raft bag with a fussy zipper (30 plus 18 to ship) I also may have a 20 mm rocket box to fit in the sling too, but that is pick up only. I will have to look in the garage, but I think I may have some additional things for the frame too.

I will gladly trade for a 2014 or younger aire lynx 1, with normal wear and tear