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AIRE Ocelot Floor & passenger location

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I'm setting up an AIRE Ocelot with an NRS Sport Cat frame and am running into some issues trying to find a floor that will work. The drop down bar on the frame hits exactly on the zipper flap, and seems like it would be too high to attach a floor to. I'm not looking for a full floor as I want to have a small space to drop into when landing the boat. I'm also trying to figure out where the best location would be for an occasional passenger, front or back? Just wondering what solutions other boaters have discovered?

Thanks' for your input.
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Passenger in back and you are going to have a hard time with a floor. You can have deeper drop bars made from NRS to lower the floor height but you are getting a " sport cat" frame and not a big yoked frame for a reason, ditch the floor.
Weave a floor out of 1 1/2" polyester webbing. Weighs nothing, drains instantly, and provides a stable base to stand on.

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I have an one an aire ocelot also. I felt that if it was just 1 passenger you could possibly get away with putting them behind you, but if there is any additional weight at all, you will quickly become too back heavy and maneuvering will suffer. I prefer to have the passenger in front a little more than one full bay, so that you don't hit them with the oars as they lean back dodging waves and your powering through. Also you can add some gear to front and back bays for short muilti day trips, not to much though, for you can quickly overload this boat. as far as the drop bars, I just tilted the tubes slightly to the mid line to grab the d-rings better.
Thanks' for all the great feedback. I guess when I ordered the Sportcat Frame, I didn't realize that with only a 6-in drop on the drop bars, I'd be sacrificing the security of having a floor....Duh! I guess I've been rowing rafts too long! Perhaps trading out the drop bars is the solution I'll end up with.
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