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Advice on Inflatable purchase

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I am looking to purchase a inflatable raft for fishing. I am familiar with the Fishcat 13 and have used one for over a year in several different rivers. What I am looking to do is to buy an inflatable and put a small outboard (less than 10hp) on it so I can maneuver up river as well as down. I am used to doing relatively long floats (8-10 miles) and have to pass up good fishing water to keep time so I can be off river before dark. My theory is with an outboard I can put in and take out at the same place and stay on the same water longer.
I have looked at several boats and need help deciding which to go with. I have looked at the Dave Scadden Dragonfly Assault craft with the frame (I know how everyone feels about his boats on here) and the sea eagle 10.6SR. I don't really run whitewater, I go through lots of class II and III though. I need a boat that can handle that. Ideally I want a boat that will get on plane under power so I can run shallow as well. I also want something that has strong oars and oar locks as it's never fun when one breaks (the fishcat oars are great and have never broken on me). Any advice is much appreciated!
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/bubble bursting

It sounds like you want a boat that doesn't really exist to me. Or more accurately, you want a boat that does what several different boats are designed to do.

First off; and this is important. Class II IS whitewater; and Class III is pretty serious whitewater. Inflatable boats that are capable of motoring upstream in class III whitewater are not common (I've never seen one), and are VERY expensive and have many times 10 HP to do so. So there is that.

It sounds to me like you want a hybrid of a Rigid Inflatable boat (RIB) and a raft. But I don't really know if this boat is real. Rafts do not really go up on plane, unless they are rigid floor, and even then they don't do it that well (in my experience). RIBs don't really tend to have oarlocks at all and are typically unidirectional - and rafts that have motors don't plane your idea may be a non-starter.

Depending on the rivers that you are fishing - It sounds to me like you want an aluminum jet boat, not an inflatable.
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Ironically I have a aluminum flat bottom jet Jon. I love the boat, but I can't take it out by myself and it's a pain in the arse to go down river in. I am looking for something I can take out solo, hence the inflatable idea

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It's very possible what I am running isn't class III. People go through it on inner tubes and canoes all the time

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Yes! I will check into that. Thanks!

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I have a Water Skeeter River Guide pontoon boat for sale. Would I run more than class 2 with it - no but it's good for lakes, moving water, and some easy rapids. You can manage it by yourself. And it's easy to get up onto its trailer hitch. Contact me if you want more information on it or there's lots available online. You can see pictures of it in the classified "other boats" category.
Check into the SeaEagle Boats .com and there inflatable boats. Probably some of the best boats with alot of referrals and happy customers. I guess they last along time.
I'm checking out your boat now mike. I looked at sea eagle boats but couldn't really find any info about them other than the website

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I used to have a Star SportBug and loved it dearly. I ran Cl II (San Juan) in it and it could have handled much more. Was also great with a small motor to help power out 3 rafts on long flat sections. I mainly used it on lakes. Very easy to singlehand onto and off the trailer.

Just FYI, if tubes and canoes are using it, it's most likely not Cl III. Look at YouTube videos like Westwater Canyon for Cl III or IV action.
The Capt
It's only easy class 3 until you break an oar. …… or two.
There are some people that run boats like that on the New R. in WV. The NPS rangers run 14ft cats with a jet outboard. Not sure of the size of the jet, but it's not small. Looks like a blast and would like to build one myself someday.

I know one guy who has done the same with a bucket boat and constructed a slatted floor (like the slatted floor on an intex mariner 4) to stand on...he was using a caged prop motor that would kick up when it hit a rock. He seemed to think the caged prop is better than a jet, at least here on the New.

These are all run on real deal class IIIs

He sold it not long ago and is building another...I would think the one he is building would be a cat.
Anyone know anything about catchercraft pontoons? They look very nice and will handle the size motor I want

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