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My name is Carey Nichols and I am currently helping the American Canoe Association conduct a brief overview of whitewater paddlesport accidents. This summer, I am attempting to run some analysis on paddlesport accidents as a whole, with specific focus on the differences between whitewater enthusiasts and paddlers at large. I have created a quick and easy survey using Google Documents that will take about 3 minutes for most people to fill out. There are instructions on the survey, but the most important part is you will NEVER be contacted or have to share any identifiable information; this survey is 100% anonymous!!

If you have a moment, please help us out by sharing your experiences here:

American Canoe Association Whitewater Paddler Survey 2010

I will be keeping any eye on this forum post if people have any questions, and I thank you for your responses in advance, they are instrumental in helping us paint a better picture of whitewater sport accidents and safety. If you don't mind passing that link along to your other paddlefriends it would do me a huge favor!

For more information about the ACA and what they do, please visit:
Home-American Canoe Association

Thank you for your time, and see everyone on the water!
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