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ACA Advanced Swiftwater Rescue Class (2 day) Requirements: Solid river roll

Date: July 18 - 19, 2009

The Downstream Edge ACA advanced swiftwater rescue class is for intermediate to advanced whitewater kayakers. This class focuses on avoiding rescue situations and producing team leaders who can safely and efficiently lead a rescue and save lives. Your group will learn and practice advanced river running strategies and learn to communicate on the river using hand signals and proper scouting techniques. We will practice whitewater swimming in difficult currents to work on your ability to effectively self rescue in the event of a swim.
Setting safety and effective throw rope rescue will become natural for your group and will enhance your efficiency at running rivers. Our instructors will teach you from experience how to rescue pinned boats and gear as well as saving your friends when they are in trouble. The Downstream Edge advanced swiftwater rescue class will give you the most on-water training of any SWR class in Colorado. Say good-bye to boring dry-land instruction and learn from realistic on water scenarios designed to develop your group skills in intense rescue situations.

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