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This is up the blog, but I thought it was worth sharing.

-DDP Mike

When I look back at the year that past I see many amazing experiences in my life. There were also extraordinary new people that I met, who will be my friends forever. Around this time last year, I was getting ready to head to Asheville. A place where I learned so much more about kayaking, and realized that there is an infinite amount left to learn. I will always hold Asheville dear in my heart, and hope to spend more time there soon.

I was out west for the first time this year, paddling some great rivers, and spending time with some close friends. When you go to some great destinations like Colorado, you realize the grandeur of our world. You find yourself asking how you ever got to a place like this. When I started this sport, I never thought I would be some of the places I have been, or had the ability to paddle some rivers I’ve run. The sport contains as much self-achievement as you are willing to grant yourself.

With a new year upon us, we find opportunity. If you look out your window, you will see an entire world to explore. On the broad scope, there are countries we have never seen, with languages we don’t understand. But while we dream of far off lands we sometimes forget that some of the greatest adventures we can ever encounter are right in our own backyard. So appreciate what surrounds you, because it is just as magnificent as what is far away.

I hope this year though I am fortunate enough to paddle in a foreign country; I have never been to one, (unless I can count Quebec). I also hope I will meet many new friends to shake hands with, and have the opportunity to laugh with old friends whom I am now away from. We all have dreams, but ambition will only get you so far. Initiative and persistence will bring you closer. Add some luck, and you may just get there.

-Joe Potoczak
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