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A little advice please

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Howdy, getting ready to buy a new cat. I currently have a Aire Jag. I have taken it down the Lower Gauley and the New River Gorge and have decided I'd like more of a play boat for those rivers. I'm going with a Sotar Legend. Would like to hear the pros and cons on the different tube lengths. I'm a big guy at 280, hoping to be back down around 200 by next spring, but for my current weight can you recommend a tube length and what frame would you put on those tubes. Thanks for any thoughts and advice.
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I'm your size- and have had 2 sets of Sotar tubes. First set was the Coho 13'x19" it was fine sooo, but entirely too small for two. I went up to the ST set at 14'x23" this is a much more appropriate size all the way around. Rows lime a feather when lightly loaded, but handles two people much better. I would start at 14'.....and go UP from there based on your needs as far as multi-day/two people etc. You will love the Sotar product, btw. Great boats

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Thank you!! I'll be keeping the Aire Jag for taking folks with me and any camping trips, so I'm just looking for a single person play boat.
I see a ton of people on the Lochsa on the 12.5' Legend (22.5" standard or 24" custom tubes), and some running with a passenger.

Want more nimble, go for the shorter (12' or 12.5') boats.
His 280 lbs definitely affects how "nimble" a short boat is gonna be. It's hard to perceive what a difference until you've invested in too small a boat. You may be centered and balanced in flatwater and all will be fine- but when you move that mass around in the middle of a wave, the extra length and buoyancy of a little bigger rig will be a benefit.

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OP needs to decide if he WILL be 200# by next spring, or if moderate loss is more realistic, but I digress.

...based on seeing a few 12' boats with passengers (more likely 14' boats with passengers) and passengers move their mass completely separate from the rower...12' is doable.

He wants a play boat--to me that means that not only being able to move your mass--but HAVING TO--is a requisite.
12' x 22". I'm 185# and it has no problem at all being my week long multi-day rig with 100# of gear.
Rafting Buddy of mine is 6'11 a svelte 3 bills give or take. Very happy with the 13'/ 22.5" Legend. Great on day trips 4/5, capable of overnight 4/5 whitewater one up camp trips.02

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Thanks everyone. I will get back to 200, I lost 105 pounds three years ago and was doing great and then broke my ankle and slowly over the past 2 years I've put 60 back on. I'm working on it now. Thanks again for everyone's thoughts and input, I appreciate it.
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