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:!: has just been published. “Laugh of the Water Nymph” is a collection of 22 diverse stories, many inspired by his years of paddling the classic runs of the Northern Rockies, Canada, and Alaska. For years I’ve enjoyed reading the works of the great climber-mountaineer writers--Greg Child and Galen Rowell immediately come to mind. In the same vein, Doug has the gift to eloquently weave those emotions and moods the river evokes into his stories. He also delves into those less-tangible, metaphorical realms--when rivers become more than rivers—waters that many of us are compelled to ply.

This is a book for anyone whose life is inextricably entangled in the swirling tendrils of the river, be they Class I tripper or Class V devotee. And something else I’ve discovered: If there is a non-paddling significant other, family member, or close friend in your life who doesn’t understand why you are pulled again and again to the river, simply let them read a story or two from this book; I think they’ll understand things a little better after that.

Info is at:
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