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I had an aquantance through High School who was an amazing skiier. He went on to do well on the mogul tour and then on the extreme circuit once that started up . He could hang with anyone on the snow or water. He is still in the industry and has done great things. I look at what could have been if he didn't party so hard. Run ins with the law and at campsites, etc, are not the image these companies want. Had he had the capacity to understand that, he could have gone farther.

Personally, I hurt myself through my earlier years in my career and friendships over stupid things I have done while drunk and sober. I wish I had someone at that time in my life who was involved enough to kick me in the butt and send me in the right direction.

Brent, Hobie and other sponsers. Stand by them if they follow through. While many of us understand what you've had to do, in a month, they will still be incredible boaters, and they will be much more savy from what went down here.

Glen, while you may still be upset, consider picking up the phone and asking their employers for compasion. The consequences of their actions have been high. It is strange to see the power of a site like this on peoples lives. I understand they or you could have ended up dead. I think they understand that now as well.
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