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A day in the Ditch

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This might seem a pointless thread, but I want to know anyones experiences or thoughts on a day in the Grand Canyon. I've been down, but I'm just curious to know someone else's point of view.
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I'm not really sure what you're asking. You mean, what does one typical day on a GC river trip look like ?
Arise at first light, coffee, breaky, laugh, groove, rig for flip, laugh, float, run rapids, gaze, lunch, scout, laugh, beers, run rapids, swim/bathe, doobie, laugh, gaze, hike, derig, horseshoes/bocci, happy hour, laugh, dinner, laugh, doobie, moon/stargaze, dream, repeat daily for three weeks. Probably missed a few steps, but that's the gist of it.
DoSteps been there and done it. A perfect day. When do we launch?
Waking up slightly sore and tired from multiple days of rowing. Some quiet, personal time by the river with a cup of coffee. Slowly packing up camp and rigging the rafts as a group (always amazed at how smoothly that group effort goes). Pushing off with that ever present trepidation mixed with joy of what lays around the next corner. Being in my head at the scout doing my best to read the lines and choose the best one. 15 seconds of tension and hard work capped by utter relaxation. Hikes through deep rock to stunning waterfalls. Too much food at lunch and fighting off food coma. The final push to stick the boat at camp. Derigging. Looking for the best tent spot even though I will fall asleep in a matter of minutes when I hit the Paco Pad. Tasty dinner, cocktails and sharing stories with friends.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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