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((Official disclaimer: this is an exercise in consumer deception. Turn your brains off & get your credit cards ready. You are getting veeerrrry sleeeepy ...))

John has finished production on the 7 Rivers Expedition movie & will be premiering it for the world's consumption at Canoecopia (Rutabaga in Madison, WI). After that, I think the Colorado premier will be at the CKS PaddleFest in Silverthorne. Not sure of the date on that, but I'm sure Kyle "Cutch" can let us know.

For those of you who are not familiar with the what the 7 Rivers Expedition is/was, you can log onto to learn about what could be the most ambitious undertaking in whitewater paddling in many years. The blog has daily/weekly recounts of the expedition complete with unbelievable photography (check the middle kings & middle san joaquin to get the juices flowin'). The blog will do the adventure way more justice than I could in a brief descrip. I'd suggest starting at the bottom & working your way up chronologically.

If you are hungry for more, you can go to to watch the official trailer for the feature-length -- it's free. The quality of the footage & production is amazing. From this site you can also buy the video. It comes to about $28 after shipping (yeah, i just ordered mine. & promptly got heckled by Daniel).

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Todd's correct.

The Colorado premier of 7 rivers is at Paddlefest, as well as LVM #15 I think. I lost count, not that I can count that high anyway.

Paddlefest 05' will be held at the Silverthorne Pavilion again this year.

Show hours are:
Friday, April 15 4pm-9pm
Saturday, April 16 9am-7pm
Sunday, April 17 9am-1pm

The 7 Rivers Expedition will be held Saturday, April 16th at 7:30pm. Tickets will be for sale at the show (prices not yet known) and it includes the gear raffle with tons of cool prizes.

For those of you that haven't been you should definetly come out, not just for the sweet deals on gear that weekend, but also for the after show parties and the premier. The venue is amazing for the viewing.
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