This is a 4-bay rafting frame that a previous owner built for a 16’ Avon Pro. It is adjustable and comes with the side platforms I added for ammo fans to attach to. These platforms are, in my opinion, the best way to carry ammo cans. Secure and very easy to access on the boat. (Ammo cans not for sale, just to show how they mount.) The frame is made from a galvanized steel and is ideally set up for pins and clips. A welder could add sleeves to run oar locks if desired.

I typically ran it with a cooler up front, drop bag/groover under the seat, and aluminum drop box in the back. This frame has worked great for me on cataract canyon, Westwater, and the salmon river. A short video of the frame in action can be found here:

$400 for the frame
$430 for the frame and cooler
$460 for frame, cooler, and seat

Frame is a double rail frame with the outer rail being 70” wide. The frame is 80” long. Fits great on my Avon Pro and should fit most 15’-16’ rafts and maybe some wider 14’ boats. The frame does breakdown for travel or storage.

Local pick up only.