3 brand new (still in the plastic) Cataract SGG rope wrapped and Counterbalanced oars. Black (currently with no stops). I bought these thinking they were NOT counterbalanced. These are $751.50 from NRS ($225.50 each from NRS, plus $75 shipping surcharge for all 3). I'm asking $675 OBO.

For clarity's sake - these have never been in an oarlock, let alone in the water. New means new - Took them out of the box, realized that they were counterbalanced.....shit.

These, like nearly all whitewater gear in the last year or so, are hard to come by as well. Would consider a trade or partial trade for a nice set of similar oars in new-ish shape that are not counterbalanced.

Not interested in trying to ship them. Meet up possible if you are close to Portland.