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We are selling our big fella. 17' JPW El Tigre/Royal Flush Hybrid.

  • 25" tubes
  • 17' nose to nose, 12.5' waterline.
  • 10' Top Cat NRS Frame with extras.
  • Black with Green D Rings, grey double bottom --- I've heard it all, so please just don't...LOL. Its not much hotter than a blue boat, and its actually pretty nice for drying out cold and your first timer brother in law. We live in Durango and have done all the SW rivers, and I have never had an issue with it being too hot, or expanding or anything else. I usually just set it and forget it.
  • No leaks - one patch that was preventative from a precision scratch.
  • Stored inflated in a garage its whole life.
  • The one bummer is the handles are starting to rip from an overly ambitous group trying to lift it with too much stuff on it.
  • My wife and i can lift it by ourselves no problem with nothing on it. Pretty light.
  • $4200 for tubes and frame. Brand new these are $3500 for the tubes and $1500 for the frame.

We are the first owners of this boat, and have had it on both big water and Upper San Juan at 600CFS. Does well so long as you don't ridiculously overload it, but we have been the gear boat almost every time with kitchen, groover and firepan plus everyone else's stuff and its all good. Currently setup to row from a Canyon Prospector, but I have the seat/bar as well if that's your style. Setup for a drybox upfront. Floor could use a refresh, but its also fine too. Will come with a Downriver drop bag, tube bags, oar towers and locks, and i can throw in some old counterbalanced Carlisles if needed. We can talk trailer too as well if needed. This a great boat in the west, and would be an amazing Grand Canyon boat, or would fit in really well in the PNW or Idaho. Would be an amazing hunting rig in Alaska, and comes with a motor mount if you want to put around lakes, or big rivers. Have done both with it.

We love this boat so much and have had great times on it. It handles well for being long, and is super stable. However, I'm often on it alone as my daughter has her own boat, and my wife is often on a paddleboard. Moving on to a smaller boat.

$4200 for tubes and frame and counter-balanced Carlisles, if you want them. $1800 for trailer, but i wont sell trailer without the boat. Trailer has the torsion axle and new tires for the real bumpy take out roads.

Email me with questions, or to see it, or i can facetime you for a tour. Would arrange delivery to the right location within reason. More or specific photos on request. Will wash and apply 303 before sale.


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