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We put on for the Lower N.F. Poudre Sunday 4/26/15

Gauge 400cfs USGS Current Conditions for USGS 06751150 N FK CACHE LA POUDRE R BLW HALLIGAN RES NR VA DALE

A good Medium level. Class 3 Length was about 11 miles

There are fences back across the river in 3 places. 5 fences total.

In 2 areas the fences are doubled up, or about 10-15' apart.

There are a few large trees down in places. We did not need to portage but one of the trees had us in the brush far right. This same tree that had us in the brush has AWESOME 3 set surf waves back to back to back in its run out. We surfed them, it was great.

There are 2 great class 3 rapids in there along with about 16 class 2+ rapids that had great play and waves. I did not see any great holes to surf or loop in, but waves throughout the run.

It would be hard to paddle a playboat on the 3 mile lake paddle out, but could add hours of play in a dozen places or more on the run itself.

The run is suited for kayaks, and canoes. I would not take a raft, or sup on this run due to wood hazards and narrowness of the creek.

I have done this run many times at:

200 cfs minimum, slow, easy creeking, a long scenic day with no whitewater and lots of rocks and wood. class 2+

400 cfs medium, faster current in between, rapids form, rocks are covered. class 3

1100 cfs high, fast, big waves, holes, laterals. class 3+

If anyone wants to run, I would do it again a few times this season. It is far from a classic run, and there's not much challenging whitewater. The scenery is awesome and full of wildlife.

If you are a beginner and unsure of the run I would think that if you are running filter plant with style and ease and also running bridges well that the lower n.f poudre would be a great wilderness run to get on with your group.

NOTE: there is wood everywhere along the run and a swim, even in class 2 current can delay your group or cause lost equipment or worse.

Be careful and have fun.

Also NOTE: upper N.F. of the Poudre is also running.

Class 4 (4+) 1 mile hike in 9 mile kayak 5 mile hike out

road is closed, go get it. hike out now, the gate will not be open in time. PM if you want to run.

Easier than bailey, on par with LSB
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