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looking for experience for a 2012 Jackson w.w. yak. compared to newer models!? goods/bads? etc...

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you realize jackson has 5 or 6 different models with extremely different purposes right?

I'm assuming you are new to kayaking. Find one that you get a good deal on and go paddle. It doesn't matter the make/brand/color. When you learn to boat you'll figure out what you're looking for and you can sell your original boat for what you paid.

If anything sit in it, make sure you fit and it can be made comfortable for you. That's all that's important.

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In general, the new 2015 Jackson's are better than the older model boats. My experience with the Zen, Fun and Karma's are that they are better than the older model Zen's and Fun's. I like the Karma better than the Villain personally.
I also like the subtle changes to the outfitting as well. I find that the back bands are a little bit better and the overall outfitting is more comfortable...

Either way, you cannot go wrong with a JK.

Abron Cabron
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^ what grover said. but in the spirit of helpy-ness, Iwill play. and since i have been geeking out on jacksons since 2010, when a 2007 4fun helped me me turn my game around, from the serious 5 year EZG slump i was in.... :mrgreen:

I have lots of opinions on these boats. here is some beta for you.

and btw Dagger juice was a terrible boat. I had one. since you asked. in that other thread. get the 4fun. hands down dont even need to read the rest of this. for reals.
The juice had set screws through the hull to hold the bulkhead in place. which you know didnt end well sooner then later. theres a reason you dont ever see them out anymore. probably all got warrantied like mine. and are now flower pots.

but anyway. first of all, watch out for the older crosslink JK boats...paddle great until they crack, and are unreapairable. they're discontinued.

Star series and rockstar series were, and are two different shapes.RS =comp hole play expert boat. allstar/superstar series, more river running-able aggressive playboat.

2012 rockstar= terrible.... 2014-2016 Rockstars are apparently much,much improved. the top tier podium playboat.

2012 (as in 2010-2012 ) Superstar,= Excellent boat,(have one, had it since special ordering one in 2012 ) got it on the highest recommendation from friends who would rather find one of those used then get an 'updated' design. (...if it aint broke... )I would love to learn how to fully utilize this boat, but yeah, not that good of a playboater yet...

2011-13 superhero/ Hero series - great beg/intermediate river runner /microcreeker design. was a great NM class III-IV boat for me. slow hull, but quick turning kind of a little fatty log creeker, like a Phat maybe. easy to roll, really stable.

2005-2010 hero/rocker/series, = meh. not great designs, apparently. idk. wouldnt buy one.

2010 villain= great creekboat, could get one cheap. would be a good buy.

Villain was the predecessor to the Karma, also their newer premier Creeker. new karmas dont fit my legs.knee bump is gone. demo'ed one on the ark last year , paddled awesome, great design (Except..! )

my legs were asleep up to my ass, like oldschool boats miserable uncomfortable. even before the end of the miracle mile at 2500... (thats pretty quick...) so no bueno for me.was still a great high water run.

Lg karma is a 105 gallon gigantor of a boat. thats a negative for me. too big.

sat in a 2012-14 Zen, and it fit just right, like my other (older) JK boats. looks fast and fun.didnt get one last year.

2015 ZEN= awesome boat, just upgraded. Love it .more volume then 2012 zen, less then my superhero. (89 vs 95 gal.) WAY faster.... :]

2006 fun = meh.
2007-2009 4fun = Excellent, loved mine, did MFS in it, such a great boat. downriver play. harder to stern squirt. but safer feeling through rapids.

2010-2014 4fun = alright, not impressive not terrible. meh. too big.

2015 Fun series looks really awesome.more like the 2009 series. I want one if i could afford a quiver. for higher water, Taos box, Ark runs where i'm skeered to paddle my superstar. (cause once again, just a III-IV paddler, not a classV playboater.)

so in a nut shell, 2102 Superstar, 2009 or 20154fun, or 2015 Zen.

or most of the other cant go wrong with a JK.
unless you hate the outfitting. or are just a bad, bad person. who kicks puppies.and jumps into stranger's tents butt nekkid floppy drunk. :shock:

Like grover said. just get one that fits... used. no reason to buy new until youre 100%.
CKS will help you out for sure, the have demos to try.
theres my .200
(yes my mind is wandering towards the Rio at work. and apparently I dont value sleep enough.)

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Buy a Pyranha...

Pyranha has 40 years of boat making experience. They make their boats quite a bit stouter than the JK river runners and creek boats.

The Shiva, Burn, 9R (new one), and if you're a bit smaller, the Nano. All are good choices.

They boof better, turn better, roll easier, and the outfitting is stellar. Yeah, they're a bit heavier. But after seeing and experiencing JK boats get crushed and pitoned and the resulting damage in dents and cracks. I'll take a heavier boat that is stout any day of the week.
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