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What is the hot rodeo boat for 2006?

  • Wave Sport Project

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  • Pyranha Four Twenty

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  • Dagger Crazy 88

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  • Liquid Logic Vision

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  • What do you mean? I'm still in a RPM.

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Colorado Canoe and Kayak has the following new models in stock already:

WAVE SPORT PROJECT 52- hot new rodeo boat. Fast, fast, fast. Loops easier than a shoestring. $999

PYRANHA FOUR TWENTY- Great looking boat from Pyranha. Roomy, nice outifitting. All the best features of the S-6 improved to perfection. $999

DAGGER RX- Great little all around play boat. Surf, cartwheel, spin. More than just a park and play boat here!! $999

PYRANHA SUB 7-0: Fast all around playboat. For the boater who wants more than a one-trick-pony. $999

PYRANHA STRETCH: New 2006 model. A volumous model with enough stability for a never-ever but with enough edge and chine to surf the waves too! Get Stretched!! $999

Assorted Colors on each model. Call for availability!! (970) 928-9949

COMING SOON!!!!: Other Wave Sport Project sizes, Pyranha Burn, Liquid Logic Cross River, and lots of fun accessories. Also check us out during our huge sale and swap APRIL 29-30.
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