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Calling all boater's,

Well, it seems as though I am on my own for the "Clear Creek Whitewater Festival". Those of you who attended last year's event know how hard I worked to get it all organized, host, and generate lots of prizes. Naturally, I can not pull this of completely by myself. So, any and all volunteers are desperatly needed. In paticular, I realy need help to put on the Slalom event. If no one can step up to the plate for that, then there is only going to be a freestyle, and a down river event. In addition if anyone knows who to contact about getting the ACA to insure the event please get me there contact info ASAP so I can get that out of the way. Once again there is going to be a ton of prizes and a huge afterparty at my house on 10th and Ford Downtown Golden with free beer. My contact info & number to Golden River Sports is 303-215-9386, and e-mail is [email protected]. Spring has sprung so please let me know if you can give me a hand.

Thank You,

T-ROY :?
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