For sale is a pair of NRS spreader bars for 66" wide cat frames. They're in good shape, I never bashed any rocks with them. NRS retails these for $120 each brand new, I'm asking for $100 for the pair or $50 each, plus shipping at buyer's expense. I'm also selling a 6' mesh cat floor and 88" drop side rails. Thanks for looking.

Here are some details from NRS:

To keep your NRS Cat Cargo Floor taut, use the NRS Spreader Bar. They're designed to fit between the lower side rails on our 66"W yoke-style cataraft frames.
  • Weight on the Cargo Floor causes the lower side rails to bow slightly and the floor to sag.
  • The Spreader Bar prevents that bowing and helps keep the floor "trampoline tight"
  • Length of the 66" model is 31 5/8"