1997 13’ Hyside self-bailing raft for sale. This was a commercial boat for the first 10 years of its life owned by scenic river tours out of Gunnison Colorado. I have owned it for the last 15 years. The floor holds air as is, but must be topped off throughout the day. It is in need of a V-tape repair (see picture 2). This is a class 4 repair and to be done correctly would require removing grommets from the front end, separating the top layer from the bottom layer, replacing the V-tape, then gluing the floor back together and replacing the grommets. The patch is from where I cut a hole big enough to fit my hand through and tried to reglue the V-tape back in place. This repair did not work, but the patch is solid and the boat has been run since. You can run the boat as is knowing this issue will eventually fail, attempt to fix it, have it professionally repaired (expensive and no guarantees the floor won’t fail somewhere else), or put a fishing frame on it with a front and rear casting platform and run it without a floor. I would probably go the later route. I will include the wooden frame in picture 3 if the buyer wants it. The boat is in Reno, NV, and must be picked up in person. I am open to trades for a 10’ set of oars or an inflatable kayak. I am open to offers, but this boat does have some value to me as a spare for friends on day trips. Thus, I will not give it away for free. Hopefully, someone can get some use out of this! DM for questions and phone number.