Asking $3500 for 2013 manufacture Aire 16' x 24" Jaguarundi tubes. No patches, no leaks. Normal wear for 9 year old tubes.
Frame is DRE five bay frame, 9' long with captains chair and wooden captains floor.
3X - 10' Carlisle Oars with outfitter blades
Igloo cooler
3X - Drop bags - 1 for cooler, 1 zipper top, 1 open top
2X - Mesh zip top captains bags
Bow Line

This boat is pretty much ready to go on a day float or longer, just need to supplement with the rest of your camping gear and whatever changes you want to make to the setup.

Only things missing:
Needs one more drop bag or a dry box, there's one empty bay at the moment.
The pins and clips are kind of janky. Spare oar does not have a clip, that's lost somewhere. Might want to replace all the clips or switch to oar locks, whatever your preference.

I'm currently missing a couple straps for the frame, I'll try to pick those up at Down River in the next week or two if I can get there.

PM me for more information or to take a look at the boat.

Located in Golden, CO.

- Davy