A classic that’s been kept well and has a lot of years left in it. Always stored inside, mostly inflated, occasionally rolled. Kept clean and regularly 303’d. All glue is in great shape – no sign of peeling seams, weak floors, or any of that. The hypalon is still supple with no cracking or crumbling – just a few creases from rolling transport (as you’d expect in a well loved boat). Floor and main tube baffles are fully intact and valves (military) seal perfectly. This is an older raft that has been babied it’s whole life. It’s a super fun raft to row, and I’d keep it, but I don’t need two 16-footers, now that the college aged kids have moved on.

Trailer comes with working lights, recently repacked hubs, rear rollers, strap winch, and spare tire. Tires are in good condition. (One side/front brace is slightly bent (prior to my ownership), but the tongue is still perfectly true, the trailer tracks well, and there is no uneven tire wear.)

Raft comes with:
Repair kit including extra replacement valves/covers. (Probably needs new glue, though.)
4” barrel pump.
Break-down double rail frame.
2 thwarts if you want to run it as a paddle raft.
Front (or rear) beaver board.
Front (or rear) mesh cargo platform.
Gear net.
2 Cataract oar shafts with couterbalance weights.
1 Carlisle shaft with couterbalance weight as a spare.
Carlisle blades all around.
Oar rights, spinners, or pins/clips – pick your favorite and I’ll get you the kit you need.
14x14x42" Drybox (Not 100% sure on the width, but 40-ish inches.)
Front drop bag and hatch cover.
Chicken lines & bow/stern tie-off lines.
Throw bag.
Rescue/recovery ladder.
Eco-safe groover and rocket box to keep it in.
A couple of ammo cans (personal/day sized).
Miscellaneous straps.
Probably some other stuff I’m forgetting about.

PM here or text at EightZeroOne-6Nine4-FifteenTwentythree (F'in bots....)

If there’s something missing from the list that you need, let me know and I might have a spare I can toss in on the deal.

If you want close-up pics of anything, LMK and I can add those to the post as well.