1995 16’Hyside XT
no patches holds air well
custom raft trailer
raft frame with aluminum side boards
2 dry boxes
yeti 110 cooler
ammo cans
captain rocket boxes
3 11 foot cataract oars
cam straps
the wooden blocks are for mounting Bimini
lots of custom fabrication on trailer, frame and ammo cans
Boat handles great in big water,and hauls tons of gear for the big desert trips
5 bay frame with captains floor
I ran a second cooler in front but could also be a drop bag
The trailer has a winch (not pictured) that sits atop a four foot steel post that fits into bracket on front of trailer
bearing buddies on trailer
new light kit installed last year
boat loads on trailer with little effort even fully loaded
we are selling boat because we bought a new setup (same rubber)
I loved this setup over the years. All gear is in good working order
Thanks for looking
not interested in separating gear
contact Cody (970) 390-8338