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OK all you Friday slackers- I have 15 slots open for Westwater this Friday the 12th. I had originally planned to have this go as an overnight months ago, but I had to postpone twice and I'm at the limit for reschedules through the BLM.

I don't want to hassle with doing an overnight, so I'll open up the trip to the first 15 folks that PM me. If you want me to reserve a slot for you, please understand that you'll have to bring:

$7 per person permit fee

Your own plastic mayonnaise jar / groover.

A breakdown paddle or hand paddles (or 1 of those for each 3 paddlers, only if you're coming with 3 other paddlers and you've pre-arranged that. Don't show up figuring someone will cover you on the breakdown situation).

An approved PFD

If you don't have the ability to show up with those things, then please don't ask for spots. And don't reserve spots you're not sure you're going to use. You'll owe the $7 if you reserve and don't show- plus that's shitty river karma for taking someone else's spot. Otherwise, should be warm, fun play flows (4300 cfs) and great weather. I'll bring the first aid kit.

Westwater River Stipulations:

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Anyone on this trip from the Fort Collins Area?

I'm looking for someone to share gas and a ride with (I can drive depending upon who's got the larger rig). Looking to leave Thursday afternoon sometime and will probably camp somewhere Friday night rather than making the trip back to the front range after a 17 mile paddle.

PM me or give an email:
[email protected]


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